If you’re a #parent, then you’ll understand: The “Parent Rap” (VIDEO)


My beautiful wife was homeschooling our two sons when I left for work this morning and she was doing a wonderful job, as always. For whatever reason, this video then jumped into my mind, …and made me chuckle.

Our boys are older than the ones in the clip, but I can still relate to every word. We posted this a couple years back and, after watching it again, it seems to hold up nicely.

I’ll reiterate here what I said back then: “…if ALL hip-hop was this entertaining, I’d listen to it waaaay more often…


(Thanks to our friend Art over at The Peanut Gallery for finding this...)

4 responses to “If you’re a #parent, then you’ll understand: The “Parent Rap” (VIDEO)

  1. Yes, still hilarious. And true. Thanks for bringing this one back, bro!

  2. livinrightinpgh

    Now if we could just get Eminem to “spice it up” a bit……

  3. A cool and entertaining spin on the sometimes staid, yet necessary, tasks of family life.

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