SC Gov. Nikki Haley gets a new gun for Christmas, …and the “tolerant” Left goes predictably insane

Merry Christmas to the Governor:

But yes, the oh-so-tolerant Left was instantaneously outraged:

There are articles all over the place about this, and the comments sections are filled with some of the worst vitriol you’ll ever see.

Which is kinda incredible, when you think about it. Allegedly it’s the Conservatives, Tea Partiers, and Republicans who are waging a “War On Women”, right? But when a woman (and an Indian American one, too!!) dares stand for something other than the appropriate Lefty causes, suddenly their gender is no longer relevant.

Hmmm, ….curious, isn’t it?? Why, it’s almost as if the Left is being insincere about this whole “women” thing…

5 responses to “SC Gov. Nikki Haley gets a new gun for Christmas, …and the “tolerant” Left goes predictably insane

  1. Not surprised. They act like she has no right to have a gun?
    I’ve decided the reason most of these progs want to disarm us is because they are afraid of our guns. And that suits me just fine.

  2. Someone should tell Mr. Maas that a car is ALSO considered an instrumentality of death, implying the level of responsibility one assumes when in possession or use of either.

    Kudos to the governor and her family for embracing their CONSTITUTIONAL rights….and for, once again, giving the Left a forum to display their intolerance and hate.

  3. Loud and proud in South Carolina. Nikki Haley – you go girl! Merry Christmas.

  4. My gosh I just love tolerance. Especially when it only applies to the liberal pukes. Oh and by the way….. I LOVE GUNS.

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