Wait a sec: Obama’s Voters don’t like…Obama’s policies??

I’m still in Chicago on business, but this post says it all. Make SURE you watch the video to the end, too. Very, very revealing…

T.B Rickert's Call

Since I’m contending with Hurricane Sandy, I don’t have much time for posting.

Fear not! I have something to wet your appetites. This video has been floating out there for a few days.

Like how I use the word floating?

Get it?

Floating? Hurricane?  Floods?


 I crack myself up!

I know. I know

I’ll shut up.

Here is the intro to the video:

Luke Rudkowski hits the streets of NYC to find out where Obama supporters really stand on his policies. Now he did this in an underhanded way where the policies were presented to be Romney’s, but this was only done to get an honest opinion. The reactions when the truth was uncovered varied but they were very telling to say the least.

All I have to say about the video is:


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4 responses to “Wait a sec: Obama’s Voters don’t like…Obama’s policies??

  1. Note to all lemmings: the line of folks that’s going over the fiscal cliff is forming over here, right in front of the voting lever marked “D”.

    “Yeah….He….Yeah…..Right” was my favorite quote from those two, well informed, self-proclaimed liberal women. A REAL MONUMENT to being an informed citizenry.

  2. Amazing. They would forego their freedoms to vote for Obama and remain liberals.

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