J.E. Dyer: “We need to find ways… to disentangle ourselves from what is Evil in our culture.”

If you give the daily headlines even minimal attention, then you probably heard about the murder of Australian baseball player Chris Lane a few weeks back. Tragic, horrible, and yet completely unsurprising, given the level of morality (or lack thereof) which exists in some corners of our society today.

EVPT_JEDyer_bioBut just because Mr. Lane’s teenaged killers are no longer being discussed on a daily basis, we cannot let the lesson of his death drop by the wayside, as well. To that end, please take a moment to read a wonderful homily on this by J. E. Dyer, whom we have linked several times previously.

A brief quote:

“…Evil can’t be domesticated.  We are fooling ourselves if we think we can laugh with it, subsidize it, refuse to name it, and yet not have it come back around to smack us down. 

No amount of bicycle-helmet wearing, child-safety-seat requiring, or cell-phone-while-driving banning can protect us against the consequences of sitting down to the table with evil and letting it form a constituency, with claims against our substance…” 

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**And you can follow J.E.Dyer on Twitter at @OptimisticCon.

9 responses to “J.E. Dyer: “We need to find ways… to disentangle ourselves from what is Evil in our culture.”

  1. Outstanding! Thank you for bringing us this, Two Heads! 🙂 Have a blessed Sunday!

  2. Thanks for bringing another patriot to my attention. I pray your Sunday was blessed

    • You’re entirely welcome, Slayer.
      If you check out her bio, J.E. Dyer has written for a bunch of sites. Following her writing is highly advised…

      As for my Sunday, My family is healthy, and my Chiefs won big. All in all, a perfect Sunday!

      Hope you had a great weekend, too, my friend.
      “Talk” with you Monday…

      • I’m really glad I found you here on WordPress, you have introduced me to some of the top bloggers (including yourself ) on this site. And then when I think I’ve found another great one I’ll find you somewhere in the comments section. 🙂 and FYI, my Bengals lost

        • Delighted to have made your acquaintance, Slayer! You’re indicative of the caliber of folks we’ve met since we started this: just really good, solid people, who made our country great initially, and will make it so again!! And yes, I believe we WILL make it through this, although it looks mighty dark right now…

          My condolences on Cincinnati: as a lifelong Chiefs fan, I can commiserate. On the bright side, your Bengals should be solid this year: I’d be surprised if they didn’t hit at least 9-7, with 11-5 or even 12-4 being possible.

          And I DO have a bit of a soft spot for your team: was a big Kenny Anderson fan growing up, and was crushed when they lost Super Bowl XVI.

  3. “That goes for dwelling on grievances as a policy matter, as much as for giving yourself over to the practice of evil.”

    Important truths here for me, as well as murderers…
    Important post.

  4. This reminds me of the quote from a young man who used to frequent our inner city business. When I asked him WHAT he was going to do with his life, and HOW he thought dressing and talking in the manner he did was EVER going to help him succeed in the world. His answer? “Well, when you FROM the ghetto, you gots to BE ghetto.” (For the record, he was a Caucasian youth).

    Tragically, it was more important to “fit in” with the other “hood rats” than it was to walk a path toward being socially responsible and seeking personal, moral, and tangible success.

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