Stop the Spending

It’s easy-to-understand graphics like this that need to be repeated, and repeated again.

7 responses to “Stop the Spending

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  2. Dude…did you include the impending domestic and foreign stimuli in your calculations? You need to. We are NEARLY in debt enough!

    • Hey, John,
      No, this chart doesn’t show our true debt.
      The debt that they’ll admit to is scary enough.

      However, we did cover the disparity between the way the numbers are reported a while back:
      Rules for Thee But not for ME

      • No worries, Mate. When the aliens get here from outer space wearing their bellbottom pants and platform shoes, maybe they will have extra cash on them. If nothing else, solid gold cd’s from the 70s should be worth something. We can sell them.

        Besides, there are 2 things NO ONE has considered yet. We still have two full continents that are NOT a part of the global economic crisis that we can borrow from.

  3. Hmmmm….
    Interesting thought, John.

    What currency does Antarctica USE, anyway?

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