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Another ‘Stand-Up-and-Cheer’ speech by Bill Whittle, at the 2013 Western Conservative Summit

One of the big news headlines in the past week was the purchase of the Washington Post by multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos. On the pages of Townhall.com, Hugh Hewitt offered his public suggestions as to whom he’d hire in order to rebuild the brand of the failing, flailing, iconic newspaper. It’s doubtful that Mr. Bezos will take heed of the advice, but the exercise itself got me thinking…

The modern-day GOP is almost as confused and in need of effective focus as the Washington Post. And so I have a suggestion for one person that the Republican Party should hire, yesterday, if they wanted to rebuild and refocus their brand.

bill-whittle 33If they desired (and I don’t believe they do, unfortunately) to clarify the “how” and the “what” of Conservatism to the broadest spectrum of people, the person presently doing it better than all the rest is Bill Whittle. He’s THE clearest Conservative thinker in the country today, bar none.

Below is his speech from the recent Western Conservative Summit. The first 12 minutes are quite good, but from there he really picks up steam. If you’re pressed for time, start at the twelve-minute mark.

Otherwise, watch it all:

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