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A Time-Out for Thankfulness

I’ve said it more than once:  I’m not the political head in this twosome, although my brother, JTR, has made me much more politically conscious.  Thanks in large part to his frequent allusions to the novel, our theater company is planning to produce the stage adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984 next season.

But it’s Sunday, and after reading that intense and disturbing play

after reading about sequestration which doesn’t seem to corral anything–much less lead toward a solution…

after reading about the imminent collapse of our whole monetary system…I need a break.

Maybe you do, too. Continue reading

A Meditation on Giving Thanks

by: Godsbooklover

If you’ve been following our blog for awhile, you may recognize this post from mid-July.  But it seemed like an appropriate post for both Thanksgiving AND (shudder) Black Friday, since it mentions gift-giving.  And hey, I’m recycling! How very politically correct of me, right?  


I didn’t grow up saying grace.  I didn’t grow up thinking ‘grace’.  I didn’t understand grace, and I couldn’t define it.  But after nearly thirty years of adulthood, and being an active Christ-follower, I was pretty sure that I could define “grace” in a pinch.

Until recently.

I was reading Colossians in my Greek Interlinear New Testament.  (Don’t be too impressed…I only know enough Greek to be dangerous.)  I was looking at the word translated as “thanksgiving” or “gratitude.”  It looked like “eucharist.”  That can’t be right.  Eucharist has to do with communion, I thought.  I never was sure, in my liturgical childhood, exactly what the word meant, but I assumed it meant ‘communion’…and by communion, I meant the Lord’s Supper, the bread and the cup offered to the congregation. Continue reading