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“Happy” – (Remy’s Tax Day video)


Happy Tax Day, gang!!

Before you watch Remy’s brilliant (as usual) remake of the Pharrell Williams hit “Happy”, you might want to check out a couple things first: 

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We can’t eliminate Government Waste, because Waste is what Government DOES

If you ever wanted a perfect example of the waste that’s inherent in Government, this is it.


From Milwaukee’s Journal Sentinel Online:

The Social Development Commission’s $6.3 million weatherization program is running $1 million under budget, which means the agency might have to return the money to the state and lose $125,000 in administrative costs, finance director Bill Koch said Thursday.

To try to keep from accumulating a surplus, Koch asked the commission’s human resources committee to consider an incentive program for the weatherization staff to try to increase production and get projects in the pipeline sooner so that more units can be completed by June when the grant year ends.

First of all, you have an agency that’s **gasp** running under budget. In the private sector, this would be what we call a “positive”. But not in Big Government world, no sir.

Nope, if the SDC (Social Development Commission) can’t figure out a way to spend all the grant money, rather than being congratulated or even getting a bonus for efficiency, they’d have to return $125,000 of their stipend/fee (aka – “administrative costs”).


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