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NEXT year’s Super Bowl…

Best Super Bowl ad…?

Every once in awhile, the ad guys get it right. So why can’t they do this more often?

For What It's Worth

Glenn Reynolds reports that it was well received. I missed it when it aired last night and in case you did too, here it is. The fact that 95% of us live off the farm and wouldn’t know a horse if it bit us doesn’t, for me, take away the appreciation for a well crafted production.

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Ten Best Super Bowls of all time (VIDEO)

I am blessed/cursed with a weird memory.

Regardless of my efforts to the contrary, I still struggle to recall specifics of history or dates. For instance, I can’t tell you with absolute certainty when the Spanish-American War started, or if Martin Van Buren was president immediately before William Henry Harrison, or immediately after.

Yet with zero effort, I can tell you the name of the fill-in drummer that Kiss used when recording their ‘Dynasty’ album (Anton Fig), or where the first indoor Super Bowl was played (the Louisiana Superdome in Super Bowl XII).

It wasn’t completely without merit, I suppose: I won a decent amount of money back in college with Super Bowl trivia, in particular.


Thus I could completely bore you with facts about all of the Super Bowls which are included in the clip below. But rather than that, I’ll let you enjoy just a few minutes of the most thrilling games ever played on football’s biggest stage.

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