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What Are You Hungry For?

According to Rebecca Crump, this is actually a Cinnamon BUN. If you put this in front of me, I would not quibble about the name…

That’s a fairly easy question for me to answer. Because virtually any time, if you offered me a cinnamon roll–especially if it has pecans on it–I’d take it. ANY time…no matter when, no matter how long or short a time since I’d eaten.

Which makes it pretty obvious that sometimes my “hunger” is not really about an empty stomach.

Something else is empty.
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Invitations Aren’t Only for Easter

It’s one week later. If Easter was a mountaintop, this feels like a dark valley. Yet the invitation to come is still there. It wasn’t a one-time offer. And even if we’ve already held out hungry hands for the bread of life, we can still find ourselves weak again, and needing to heed that call once more.
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Beauty as Spiritual Food

This is a follow-up to a post from our friend BILTRIX which we subsequently re-blogged here, the subject being a rather unique ‘social experiment’ done in a Washington, DC metro station in January, 2007. 


I went back and read the entire article by Washington Post staff writer Gene Weingarten, listened (twice) to the 43-minute audio of Joshua Bell’s solo violin performance and–while listening–read the author’s lengthy question and answer session with readers which took place two days after the article was published in April of that year.   

I was fascinated not only by the details of the article (which I remember reading back in 2007), but by the varied comments of the many readers who wrote in two days later. Most thanked Gene for his article. Many confessed that they either (1) had in fact walked by that day, or (2) thought they would have done so, had they been there.

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