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The 2014 State of the Union: Two bright spots in an otherwise grueling evening


This was what I wrote around this time last year:

“…If you skipped the State Of The Union speech (and I couldn’t blame you if you did), then you missed roughly an hour of our president insulting our intelligence and lying about objective facts and figures.

So, basically, no real surprises…” 

And how was THIS year’s speech? The same. Actually, almost exactly the same. To the point that it will be easier to focus on this year’s differences, because the similarities would take much, much longer.

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Obama and the #NSA: “Trust us!! It’s not like we’ve ever lied to you BEFORE…”

NSA - fake logo

President Obama’s latest speech/presser about the NSA could be summed-up by the following Tweet: 

Quite so. It was a rambling, barely coherent collection of blather and nonsense, laced with pinkie-promise assurances of “only when necessary” & “Hey, we’re not interested in YOU“.

Here’s just a snippet:

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Romney was right: Obama IS the Groundhog Day president

That was Guy Benson’s über succinct and sniper-level accurate take on the President’s latest “pep rally” on the Affordable Care Act. Nothing new, nothing insightful: just more of the same sclerotic verbiage which we’ve heard from him so often, I’m surprised I don’t mumble it in my sleep.

Maybe that’s why it reminded me of something Mitt Romney said back in January of 2012:

“…This has been a ‘Groundhog Day’ presidency. He keeps saying the same things and we keep waking up with the same things going on. Nothing changes,” Romney said.

“He keeps saying these great things he’s going to do and yet it’s the same picture every single morning…” 


groundhog day 4746

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Obama’s ‘big’ speech on #Syria accomplished LESS than nothing…

For a guy who loves to talk as much as our President, a fifteen minute speech barely gives his teleprompter a chance to warm-up.

Blah Blah Blah -It was …unusual. He at once made the case for striking Syria, even as he gave support for continuing diplomacy à la Russia and John Kerry’s verbal gaffes. Which is it?

Should we bomb everything that moves because Chemical Weapons are an affront to the civilized world, or should we trust that Russia’s Putin will help us hold Assad accountable by making him pinkie-promise to never kill his citizens in that particular way again?

Who knows?

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Obama’s Speech Generator

Well, the President gave yet another “epic speech” the other day. Don’t feel bad if you missed it, though. Gilligan’s Island re-runs hold more mystery than the contents of Obama’s speeches at this point.

Check out the headlines that followed it:

Now, compare them to the newest ad on the web:


When you can’t discern between the news headlines about you and the ads running against you, …..you’re doin’ it wrong.


Ultimately, it’s not Obama’s fault, I suppose. He’s always been dependent upon his precious TOTUS, but this is all they’re loading on it nowadays:

(**Courtesy of thepeoplescube.com)


After his second consecutive budget just went up in Phoenix-quality flames (414-0) last week, you might imagine that President Genius would have something better to do than hurl rhetorical rocks at folks that are trying to get some ACTUAL WORK accomplished.

But, no, such days of political restraint are sadly long gone. So we have seen him recently give speeches basically threatening the Supreme Court, and repeatedly castigating the Republican budget that passed the House. He also spent a couple days trying to make a joke of his “open mic” problem with Russian President Medvedev

Heck of a week, Sparky.


Of course, if you have seen ONE of Obama’s speeches, you just might have seen them ALL.


And, if you have NOT had a chance to watch Rep. Paul Ryan explain the debt crisis in which we are currently ensconced, you owe it to yourself to be at least passingly familiar with his argument. The Republican budget solutions will always get short shrift in the Boston Globes and on the NBCs. Assessing it for yourself is the ONLY way to be intellectually honest…….if that sort of thing is important to ya’, of course……

As you watch one of his vids for the Path To Prosperity, just remind yourself that THIS is the guy that Obama is trying to paint as “extreme”.