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Of course: Republicans “just want people to starve…”

Pointing out the solely liberal phenomenon of casting any-and-all disagreement as “hate”, or some other similarly maximized pejorative, is hardly a new thought, I admit.

The examples are legion: in Salon, or the DailyKos, or simply tune into MSNBC on virtually any night of the week, and you’ll get a bellyful of it. Worse, they are simply voicing the same opinion (and often echoing the same language) as elected liberal Democrats in Congress, who seem to delight in ascribing the most horrific intentions to anyone who dares disagree with their policy goals.

Jerry Nadler (Democrat - NY)

Jerry Nadler  (Democrat – NY)

But this is an especially perfect example: Democrat Representative Jerry Nadler of New York, who was recently asked about his “No” vote on the Farm Bill:

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A Great First Step: Voting Down the bloated, pork-laden Farm Bill

I’m reminded of the old phrase attributed to the Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu:

A Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a Single Step

Whether most folks are aware of it or not, our nation just took that rather halting and awkward step.

Almost exactly a year ago, I had a fairly lengthy post titled “Food Stamp Fraud & Abuse: Business As Usual“, detailing the rampant waste, excessive pork and flat-out wrongheadedness in the so-called ‘Farm Bill’, and its unnamed-yet-primary component: Food Stamps, now known as SNAP

SNAP Program 3

It appears that in the last twelve months, some of our politicians actually listened to their constituents, and (amazingly) managed to vote down this year’s bill.

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“ENTITLEMENTS” – Another press conference with Mr. Virtual President

v-potus-header“Mr. Virtual President” has returned, and today he’s discussing one of the most troubling issues that we have: Entitlements

We’ve come a long way from our country’s beginnings in this area. Self-sufficiency was once a uniform point of pride for our citizenry, a virtue that didn’t begin to deteriorate until the advent of Social Security. And then the floodgates opened: Medicare and Medicaid; SSDI, Food Stamps, and widow’s benefits being paid out to unmarried mothers. Unemployment. And on, and on…

Though allegedly done out of compassion, the result was easily predicted: a nation in staggering debt. Worse, we now have individual and generational dependency upon the Government at an all-time high.

Hardly a “Great Society“.

A President who honestly believed in the capability and capacity of the American people, and had the strength of his own convictions, would take steps to correct this. And the very first step would be to honestly discuss it, as is seen below:

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