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VIDEO: Health officials shut down 11-year-old’s cupcake business

cupcake girl 47546ff

Congratulations, Government! Once again you have saved us from the evil clutches of Capitalism and Entrepreneurship, coming to us this time in the guise of an innocent-looking 11-year-old girl.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Why, if you hadn’t stepped in and ruthlessly CRUSHED her successful venture, we might have actually purchased some of these tasty treats, and accidentally enjoyed ourselves! Worse, this young tot might have learned to become self-sufficient and not needed government assistance later in life!

*whew* …THAT was close:

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The REAL Lesson of the Shutdown? The Federal Gov’t does way, way, way, way too much…


A couple of the post-Shutdown wrap-ups on the web today are crying about the horrible fall-out of the 16-day furlough for roughly 17% of our Federal Government. In each article, the consensus is the same: the Shutdown had a “crushing” effect on everything from the economy itself, to cancer research, to farm subsidies, and so on, and so forth…

Yet missing in all of the teeth-gnashing and rending of garments is (to me, at least) a fairly obvious question: “why”? WHY would a brief delay in operation of a relatively small percentage of our federal bureaucracy bring about The New Apocalypse?

The question is missing, because they don’t want to even hint at the answer: our Government is doing far, far too much, …THAT’s why.

For example:

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Post-shutdown, it’s on: the #TeaParty vs. the GOP

Choices 444

So, …what now?

Yes, the Government Shutdown is over, and the Federal Leviathan is lurching forward once again. Of course, this is cause for wild celebration among the Left, even as they continue to blithely impugn the motives of their political opponents.

But the problems that brought this confrontation about are still here: rising debt (thus the necessity of raising the Debt Ceiling yet again), grossly expanding government, and ever-reducing freedoms. A weakening dollar, burgeoning entitlements and continued unemployment. Full-time jobs being replaced by part-time ones, and the advent of the “glitch”-riddled Obamacare.

All this and more was (and remains) the reason so many are insisting we need to change our ways, or perish.

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Who is “Non-essential”? Obviously, our Government thinks that WE are….


bill-whittle 33When President Obama rolled-out the first act of his “Shutdown Theater”, my very first thoughts went back to his ‘We’re all gonna die‘ warnings of the Sequester. 

Which is why I re-posted Bill Whittle’s brilliant take on the Sequester from earlier this year, even though I figured Bill would eventually get around to opining on our current idiocy, as well…

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“There’s no more cuts to make…” is THE Biggest Lie regarding the #GovernmentShutdown:

Remember this?

Yes, my personal nomination for this year’s Most Ridiculous Statement by a Government Representative Award goes to (not surprisingly, I admit) Nancy Pelosi, with her insistence that “the cupboard is bare” and that there are “…no more cuts to make…” in our Federal expenditures.

Nancy Pelosi - 9393No more cuts, Nancy?


Out of an almost $3.5 TRILLION budget?

There’s nothing we could somehow do without, buried in there somewhere?

This inane proclamation gets to the heart of our current Government Shutdown. Pelosi, Obama and the Democrats want need every last shekel to fund their ever-expanding list of overpriced-crap-they-gotta-have-now-now-now. It’s POWER, you see, and it takes money to maintain/expand a State’s power.

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#GovernmentShutdown Theater: “Making It Hurt”, …again

The examples are everywhere:


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President Petulant hits a new low: the WWII Memorial Fiasco…

We’ve all seen it before: Obama & Co warns that your failure to fully fund the Government will result in plagues and pestilence and then, when you have failed to heed his dire warnings, he tries to ensure you feel the pain as personally as is possible.

Yes, despite his Chicken Little act, nothing bad actually happens, other than what he choreographs for maximum effect.

Sequester - Obama

Case in point: do you recall all the ‘Mad Max’-type horrors across the country, which came about as a direct result of the Sequester?


My point exactly…

But that was a mere warm-up of sorts, an apéritif for the larger meal that is the Great And Terrible Government Shutdown of 2013.

This has been going on for the last 24 hours, with WWII vets initially denied access to their own Memorial:

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Let’s hear it for the Government #Shutdown….!

Lemonade stand 444