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Obamacare “Compromise,” Moral Fiction and Snake-oil Theology

There is a very well-argued piece over at the ADF website on the shell game the Obama Administration is playing with the contraception mandate in  Obamacare. 

ADF -- Alliance Defending Freedom

We’ve linked Obamacare-related posts from ADF before (here, and here), but this is probably their best yet. In it, they make a number of excellent analogies which highlight just how duplicitous this most recent alleged “compromise” is.

In fact, this is no compromise at all, unless your idea of compromise is “we lose, they win”. 

Taken in conjunction with our post from the other day (Hey, would YOU like to be my doctor? Thanks to Obamacare, you’ll probably qualify…), it’s apparent that the Affordable Care Act, as predicted, just keeps getting worse. 




-By Matt Bowman, Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Legal Counsel


The Obama administration proposed a new regulation last week in its assault on religious freedom through ObamaCare, but the regulation is the same old story: the government violates religious freedom while imposing its own strange moral theological views on religious groups to tell them they should not complain.

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