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Prayer of Examen: Getting God’s Perspective

Job EvaluationWhen you’re wondering whether you’re doing a good job, who do you ask?  Or do you just know? How many of us really evaluate ourselves honestly? Don’t we tend to either beat ourselves up over a few squalls, or lapse into complacency when everything is smooth sailing?

Not only as a blogger, but as a theatre director–with actors looking at me for guidance, hoping that I know what I’m doing–and as a “mom” of a precocious and head-strong two-and-a-half year old…it is easy to look in all the wrong places for affirmation. To take my encouragement from the good rehearsal, or the obedient and affectionate child.

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Take Time to Reflect as We Tumble Over the Cliff into 2013

A good friend of mine posted this message on Facebook recently:

Don’t want to make resolutions you will break all too soon, but want to be intentional about the direction your life is heading in the next year? Here is a tool to spend a little time evaluating your life holistically at the turn of the New Year.

Pie ChartShe included a link to a website called reviveourhearts. comwhere you can fill out a “Personal Vitality Plan” (a downloadable PDF) which examines 12 areas of your life, including not only the usual suspects, i.e.:

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