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Lent: The Sweet Refrain

I wrote this a few years ago when I was one of the contributors to a Lenten blog.  For more thoughts on “Lent” and on the purpose of fasting, see my friend Jon Swanson’s recent post on his blog, 300 Words a Day. 


I guess it’s just the way my mind works. A few days ago I found myself pondering the peculiar word ‘refrain.’ How did one word come down to us meaning both ‘stop it!’ and ‘sing it again!’?? I looked up the definition in Webster’s, which was unsatisfactory (and, as it turned out, incorrect in its etymology. First time Noah ever let me down…). I shrugged and tried to move on. But this word kept coming back to me, like a…well, a refrain. 

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More thoughts about resolutions

I know, I know…we’re nearly a week into the New Year. Enough with the “resolutions” already! We’ve abandoned our good intentions somewhere along the road, trod them all underfoot. (Where is this road going, anyway?)

But why is there such a strong reaction against the idea of a New Year’s Resolution? I recognize the fact that it’s a cliché–and it’s a cliché to assume that all such resolutions will be broken by lunchtime.

But why?

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