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In this new Age of #Scandal, we’re once again at ‘A Time For Choosing’…

Family-Road-Trip 11I love car rides.

Even as a kid, I enjoyed just getting into the family vehicle. It always seemed to be filled with such promise: a trip to the store, or a hockey game, or maybe the open highway for a family vacation. The cars were bigger back then: more comfortable and built for long land voyages. Plus, since Mom or Dad was driving, I didn’t need to be too concerned about where we were going. I wasn’t nervously glancing at the road atlas, or calculating our fuel levels. Instead, I trusted that the destination would be entertaining, or educational, or wonderful in some way.

Blissfully ignorant, I relied totally on the beneficence of my parents to get us there unscathed, wherever and whatever “there” may be.

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Ronald Reagan on the gun debate… (part TWO)

Ronald Reagan believed not only in the greatness of our country, but also the supremacy of the individual. That explains his opposition to Socialism and Communism and, by definition, the loss of individual freedoms that such systems entail.

As a result, he was an unequivocal proponent of the 2nd Amendment. 

I mentioned this in an earlier post because that belief does not seem to be shared by our current Commander-in-Chief. This is also why I’m posting a column (below) written by Reagan waaaaay back in 1975, where he magnificently defended the virtue of our country’s historic stance on Gun Rights.

In light of President Obama’s recent power grab, it’s refreshing to read the thoughts of one of our country’s finest patriots on this subject.

The arguments against the 2nd Amendment are not new, just newly packaged. And the reasons they must be rejected are just as relevant today as they were 40 years ago, …or 240 years ago. 


Portrait Of Ronald Reagan


**Written by Ronald Reagan, from the September 1975 issue of ‘Guns & Ammo’ Magazine:

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Ronald Reagan sums up the entire gun debate… (part ONE)

I have witnessed more discussion about guns and gun rights in the past month than I have cumulatively in my entire life. And yet the Left keeps yammering on about “we have to do SOMETHING”, as if even doing something extra-constitutional (at best) or highly destructive (at worst) is a better option than choosing NOT to.

If they habitually spill coffee on their carpeting, is their solution to burn down their house (“well, the carpeting was ruined anyway…”)??

It would be doing something, after all.


Much as was the case with Obamacare, the Left is again focusing on an end result of a problem, and not the problem itself. Illegal gun violence is the end result of people who choose to commit illegal violence; that’s it. Guns are not good or bad, any more than toaster ovens are good or bad.

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