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‘Trespassing’ is Crossing a Line in the Wrong Direction: AWAY From God

line in sand

Our pastor is preaching through the book of Ephesians right now.  A couple of weeks ago, he talked about the difference between trespasses and sins.  Trespassing is crossing a line…in the case of humanity, we’ve crossed a line that God drew, and it has separated us from Him.

I formed this picture in my mind, of God (as the hen gathering her chicks) with all of us huddled around Him, facing a line (some action or actions which would drive a wedge between us and make it impossible for us to go back).  “Stay here,” He says.  But our first ancestors, blinded by the lie–”You won’t really die…” (Genesis 3:4)–take the first fatal step in the wrong direction.  And looking back they see a flaming sword barring their way.

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