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The Circle of Life?

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI’m sitting in my dining room on Saturday night. In front of me is a vase of droopy-headed roses that I haven’t had the heart to throw away. A gift from my cast on opening night, they remind me of the brevity of all living things.

Tomorrow we will give the final performance of a play we’ve spent the past two months preparing. Seventeen actors were chosen through audition (and in a few cases, desperate phone calls), costumes–as many as three or four per actor–were procured. Music was arranged, rehearsed and recorded. We took photos and wrote press releases for the newspapers. I prepared dramaturgy for the program. A large set was built and transported to our rented theater. Lights were aimed, the set was dressed, props were found or made. Some props were food, which has had to be prepared nightly.

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Prayer of Examen: Getting God’s Perspective

Job EvaluationWhen you’re wondering whether you’re doing a good job, who do you ask?  Or do you just know? How many of us really evaluate ourselves honestly? Don’t we tend to either beat ourselves up over a few squalls, or lapse into complacency when everything is smooth sailing?

Not only as a blogger, but as a theatre director–with actors looking at me for guidance, hoping that I know what I’m doing–and as a “mom” of a precocious and head-strong two-and-a-half year old…it is easy to look in all the wrong places for affirmation. To take my encouragement from the good rehearsal, or the obedient and affectionate child.

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