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When is she no longer just a “choice”?

Saw this over at a couple of our friends’ sites, Biltrix and The Peanut Gallery. Just thought I’d give a bit of back-story to it.

It is well-known in Conservative circles that while he was in the Illinois senate, President Obama never once voted for any pro-life bill, not even in the case of the baby being born alive. To clarify: if babies were actually, accidentally “allowed” to be born during an attempted abortion (however often this happens), President Obama was not in favor of them being allowed to live. However, whether it is just too terrible to contemplate, or if they simply don’t believe the claim, most people don’t know or acknowledge this fact.

And it is a fact.

This article appeared in the Washington Post back in 2008. It cites the actual votes and provides the links to them, highlighting that Obama voted “present” in every situation. It also provides his highly cynical reasons for doing so:

The Illinois branch of the Planned Parenthood organization has given [Obama] a 100 percent” pro-choice voting rating and depicted the present votes as part of a previously agreed strategy to provide political cover for other legislators.

Under the rules of the Illinois legislature, a present vote effectively functions as a no vote because only yes votes count toward passage of a bill. Legislators vote “present” rather than “no” for a variety of tactical reasons, including making it more difficult for their political opponents to use their votes against them in campaign advertisements.

“We worked on the ‘present’ vote strategy with Obama,” said Pam Sutherland, chief lobbyist for the Illinois branch of Planned Parenthood, an abortion rights group. “He was willing to vote ‘no’, and was always going to be a ‘no’ vote for us.”

This was also covered by writer Andrew C. McCarthy, who had an equally impressive article in NRO around the same time.


So, armed with this information, these facts, we can now ask ourselves and our countrymen these rather essential questions:

  • Whether you believe in God, or don’t; whether you are pro-abortion, pro-life, or fancy yourself as agnostic on the matter:  doesn’t this leap miles past that invisible line which separates the humane from the monstrous? Miles past the line where someone, a person, can be dismissed as merely a “choice”?
  • And if this isn’t it, …what in Heaven’s name is?

And finally:

  • If our elected leaders can harden their hearts against children who have been born, and are visibly, hold-them-in-your-arms alive, …what does that say about them?


Obamacare: the Video!

Leave it to the bright boys over at Alliance Defense Fund: they pack a bunch of info into two short minutes.

Watch the video; know the facts; speak up against this tax on our conscience.