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I’m not actually a “customer”, if you mandate by law that I MUST buy your “product”…


For several weeks now, the mantra that we keep hearing from Obamacare’s cheerleaders has been “give it a chance; it’s only just started“. Which is fair, to a point: it has just started, …and it’s been a frustrating, miserable disaster unlike anything which would be allowed to continue in the free market.

However, no matter how many chances we give, this can’t work for one very basic reason: government bureaucrats are in charge of it. And when those people are in charge of anything, the very last thing you can expect is excellence, at least as a private sector entity would define “excellence”.

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Private sector vs. Gov’t: “The World that Works vs. the World that Fails”

newt gingrich 11When you mention the name Newt Gingrich, most people will have an immediate reaction: “he’s a genius”, “he’s an idiot”, “he’s a visionary”, “he’s a monster”, etc,..  There are a comparative few public personalities who conjure up such a diverse yet instantaneous response from so much of the country.

I’m more in the “visionary” camp, because Newt was always pushing and proposing so many ideas, so often, that he basically needed an editor to categorize them:

“Newt has 10 ideas a day,” former Republican Congressman and Gingrich Scott Klug told the WSJ last week. “Two of them are good, six are weird and two very weird.”

No great sin, that. But it’s an inarguable fact that Newt was uniquely effective at explaining his ideas in ways that everyone could grasp. He may be a highly imperfect politician and an even more imperfect man, but I maintain he still has a place in future Administrations, even in a simple adviser role… because of his ideas.

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