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Digging Deeper for Lent, Week 5: Online Devotionals

godsbooklover-gravatar991Each Wednesday during Lent, I am suggesting some resource or activity which can assist the Christian in his or her spiritual growth. We’ve looked at a news magazine, a collection of prayers, several excellent books, and some recording artists. This week, I want to acknowledge my own tremendous debt to a variety of online resources, all of which are free.

If you would like a daily devotional delivered to your inbox, the choices are vast. Here are a few I’ve used in the past couple of years:

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Bad News, Good News


Yep, that’s Marie!

I’ve just come home quite late from attending my oldest niece’s ballet performance at Masterworks in Winona Lake, IN.  Founded by Patrick Kavanaugh, this annual four-week arts camp brings together young people (age 14 to 26) who are passionate to hone their natural abilities in a God-honoring atmosphere, with Christians who are professionals in the various artistic disciplines.

The performance was outstanding, and uplifting. I can see clearly how much Marie is growing, as a dancer and as a believer.

The bad news is I’m just too tired to write anything worth reading for Sunday. The good news is that I’ve recently found a fellow WordPress blogger who writes an excellent short devotional blog, 843 Acres, each Monday through Friday. Continue reading