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The Treasure and the Fool–a parable retold

pearlI wrote this piece several years ago after an “Aha!” moment. I’d been wrestling with the meaning of two of Jesus’ Kingdom parables–the very brief ones about the treasure hid in a field and the pearl of great price. As metaphors for giving up everything in order to have the Kingdom of God, these terse statements didn’t quite work for me.  I kept wondering things like, “Whose treasure was  that, buried in the field? Are there ethical concerns there?” “Did the merchant pay fair market value for the pearl?”  If he had to give up all he owned in order to purchase it, I picture him standing there with nothing but the pearl, thinking, “Now what?”

It reminded me of the auction scene in Oklahoma!, where the cowboy Curly sells his gun and his horse in order to keep Jud Fry from winning Laurey’s picnic hamper.  At the end of the night, all he has is the hamper…and Laurey.  And that seems to be enough.  As I continued to think about the foolishness of this picture, a new thought began to form in my mind.  I wonder if this is what Jesus intended all along.  Continue reading