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The President: “Who ya’ gonna believe – ME, or your own lyin’ eyes?”

For weeks, we’ve been bombarded with “Sequester = Death” via every news outlet and our President himself.

Or, basically, a 24/7 message which can be boiled down to:


Astonishingly, the media may actually be catching on to this scam. Ed over at HotAir.com quoted the National Journal, saying “…(the Obama White House’s) best-case political course hinges on the economy screeching to a halt“.

And then, similarly, you had this from the Washington Post:

Over the past week, President Obama has painted a picture of impending disaster, warning of travel delays, laid-off firefighters and pre-schoolers tossed out of Head Start.

Conservatives accuse Obama of exaggerating the impact, and some White House allies worry the slow-moving sequester may fail to live up to the hype.

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