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NOT a surprise – “Woman’s identity stolen …from #Obamacare website”

Healthczre.gov - THEN and NOW - Ken Catalino

This wasn’t exactly difficult to predict, either.

Months ago, we highlighted the near certainty of excessive Identity Theft and Fraud which would result from the overly-lax security measures in the various exchanges. Then as now, it was a forgone conclusion that people’s private information would be compromised and abused, once they entered it into the Heathcare.gov website.

Anyone surprised by this simply hasn’t been paying attention:

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“They Know Better, Inc®” – Why Liberal Democrats believe they should run our lives…


Much has been made of the woeful Obamacare Exchange website, and rightfully so: it’s almost inconceivably bad. But it’s not the website that we should be focusing on, really, but what the website (and ultimately Obamacare itself) actually represents. Namely, the overwhelming hubris which so completely defines the Leftists/Statists who are now in charge of our nation. 

As we detailed yesterday, the newest White House/Liberal Media talking point on Obamacare is, essentially, “Your old plans were junk, and you should be GLAD to be rid of them”.

Or, shorter: “We know better than you”.

And yet as evidenced by the initial roll-out, how much could they know? Obviously, not nearly as much as they THINK they know.

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