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Chutzpah: Obama now says there’s ‘No Evidence’ #KeystoneXL Would Create Many Jobs

Obama DOE 13This news item got a bit lost over the weekend, which may have been by intent. However, this excerpt shows you just how deeply indebted (or how like-minded) President Obama is to the radical “Green” lobby in the United States.

From Breitbart.com:

In a New York Times interview published Saturday, President Obama came out foursquare against the Keystone XL pipeline, claiming that it would not create jobs. “Republicans have said that this would be a big jobs generator,” Obama said. “There is no evidence that that’s true.”

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In the Age of Obama, even the NYTimes’ Crossword Puzzle has been ruined

crosswordWell, they DID warn me that if I voted for Romney, nothing would ever be the same again…

All I wanted yesterday was a brief respite from politics. Normally I favor Sudoku, but on the occasions that I drift over to the daily crossword puzzle, I simply wish to have a semi-reasonable shot at figuring it out.

Now before anyone calls me a whiner, I’m not crying ‘foul’ on the weird, esoteric clues which require you to possess a Mensa-level intellect, nor am I upset when the subject refers to famous Fijian physicists, the mating rituals of Shetland Ponies, or some such nonsense. Just ’cause I don’t happen to know the answer doesn’t mean it’s not a fair question.

The salient point in all that being: “…THE answer…“, as in: ONE. A single, correct answer is all I expect from any puzzle. It’s when there’s an entire mutating HORDE of EQUALLY CORRECT answers that I get a bit testy.

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