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NYC’s Charter Schools: Mayor de Blasio putting Politics before Poor Kids (VIDEO)

Got school choice 333

From Fox News:

“…New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio last week stopped three charter schools from co-locating with district public schools, leaving some children with no option but their district schools.

The three charter schools no longer approved for co-locations belong to the Success Academy network, run by Eva Moskowitz, de Blasio’s political rival. In New York City, Success Academy ranks in the top 1 percent for math and top 7 percent for English, according to its website.

Along with Obamacare, “school choice” is one of those areas where folks from both sides of the aisle can come together. Personally, I think there are more of these than initially meets the eye.

And for an update on this battle, check out the excellent video from ReasonTV below. This is FAR from over:

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In NYC, it may soon be a Crime to …describe a Criminal?

Blindfolded NYC police

(photo courtesy of New York Post)

When I first heard about the Community Safety Act last year, I assumed it wouldn’t amount to anything and would quickly blow over. Back then I reasoned that surely even New York City wasn’t stupid enough to tie the hands of their police to that degree.

If there are issues that exist with the City’s Police Department itself, fine: go in and suspend/fire the bad cops. Heck, fire an entire precinct, if need be. But any legislation which completely neutered the police force would result in far more harm than any potential good.

So yeah, I figured cooler heads would prevail here, and that’d be that.

*sigh*    When will I ever learn?

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9/11 – A Tribute

I remember, as I’m sure we all do, exactly where I was on 9/11/2001. Based on the timing, at approximately 10:00am that morning Flight 93 had to fly almost directly over my car as I was driving to State College, PA. In addition, my little brother was working in Manhattan at the time, and I obviously couldn’t reach him on his cell phone.

It’s been eleven years, and still I have no words, no pithy summation. I have nothing but prayers for the survivors and the fallen, their family and their loved ones.

This video has been around for a few years now (2007), and has accumulated over 3 million hits. You may have already seen it. Regardless, I’m including it here due to its power, and because being mindful of history is the only way we can hope to not repeat it.