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Deliver Us…

“He’s his own worst enemy…”, I mumbled to myself.

And it does seem to be true: he’s a slave to his own desires, no matter how destructive; blind to the warning signs posted on the road he travels; deaf to the wise counsel offered by family and friends.


Who was I talking about? It doesn’t matter, really, because my next thought was: Aren’t we all our own worst enemy? After all, what the apostle preached surely applies to each of us:

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Obama’s NEW Year, …even worse than his OLD Year.

There’s an old Calvin & Hobbes cartoon that is appropriate for around this time of year, but also has a deeper correlation to our politics today:

New Year - CalvinANDHobbbes

I truly believe that this sums up our President’s approach to most of what he does. How else to explain the Obamacare rollout, or the NSA snooping, or IRS targeting, or Fast And Furious, or Benghazi, or Iran, or…. well, you get the idea.

Far from being a diabolical mastermind deftly pulling the country’s strings, Obama is the equivalent of a zit-faced, ideological teenager out joyriding in his daddy’s car. Sure, he’s drunk with power and bent on the country’s destruction, and I daresay he’s overall quite pleased with the results thus far.

BUT, but he’s not actually in control of this mess. For that to be the case would require a once-in-a-generation leader/manager of tremendous skill and experience; a combination of Churchill and Jack Welch, with a dash of Patton thrown in. And if there’s one thing we DO know, …that sure-as-shootin’ ain’t Barack.

This is partially explained by his background: he’s never had to actually deliver, whether during his time as President of the Harvard Law Review, or as a State Senator, or while a U.S. Senator.


He was allowed to just give speeches, vote “present”, and sorta… coast.

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More thoughts about resolutions

I know, I know…we’re nearly a week into the New Year. Enough with the “resolutions” already! We’ve abandoned our good intentions somewhere along the road, trod them all underfoot. (Where is this road going, anyway?)

But why is there such a strong reaction against the idea of a New Year’s Resolution? I recognize the fact that it’s a cliché–and it’s a cliché to assume that all such resolutions will be broken by lunchtime.

But why?

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Take Time to Reflect as We Tumble Over the Cliff into 2013

A good friend of mine posted this message on Facebook recently:

Don’t want to make resolutions you will break all too soon, but want to be intentional about the direction your life is heading in the next year? Here is a tool to spend a little time evaluating your life holistically at the turn of the New Year.

Pie ChartShe included a link to a website called reviveourhearts. comwhere you can fill out a “Personal Vitality Plan” (a downloadable PDF) which examines 12 areas of your life, including not only the usual suspects, i.e.:

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