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(VIDEO) – Obama yet again fails to answer question of Benghazi Security

From Revealing Politics:

Last night, during the second Presidential debate, President Obama and Mitt Romney engaged in one of the most heated exchanges of the campaign yet.  When asked by an audience member about the lack of enhanced security in Benghazi prior to the attack on the Libyan embassy, President Obama stammered through a lame response that ultimately failed to address the question.  

When Romney attempted to address the President’s inconsistencies in his excuse making, the moderator managed to forget her position and came to the aid of the President.

(Video courtesy of AceOfSpadesHQ and RevealingPolitics.com)


It’s not like this is a complicated question. Actually, if either of my two sons avoided a question to this degree, I’d automatically assume they were guilty of whatever I asked.

Now THERE’s a thought…



UPDATE: Over at HotAir.com, Allahpundit weighs in on this:

The deep scandal is sending a U.S. ambassador into a jihadi hive protected by a skeleton crew of possibly treacherous locals supervised by a notably inexperienced contractor. Stevens was a sitting duck. And the next time the Unicorn Prince feigns outrage by claiming it’s “offensive” to accuse him of playing politics with what happened, Romney had very well better point that out.

On the offensiveness scale, leaving the U.S. ambassador to suffocate to death while jihadi degenerates overrun his threadbare security detail ranks a wee bit higher than accusing Barack Obama of — gasp — focusing unduly on his own reelection.

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