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What’s next? A ticket for drinking coffee?

I thought that Indiana was a better-than-your-average-nanny state.  I mean, we’re in flyover country (Illinois doesn’t count, because they have Chicago and it’s on a large body of water).  We’re not like New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco.  But now a statewide smoking ban is going into effect on July 1st.  And in the same editorial which mentions that, our local conservative newspaper, the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, gave fair warning of another intrusive overstep which may be in the works.

According to the Greenfield Daily Reporter:

Police across Indiana are calling on lawmakers to beef up a new state law that bars texting-while-driving so that it covers all activities that can distract motorists behind the wheel.

All activities?  Really?  I’ve seen a lot of strange things, especially out in LA-LA land, where folks commute an hour or more each way.

For instance, I’ve seen:

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