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“There’s no more cuts to make…” is THE Biggest Lie regarding the #GovernmentShutdown:

Remember this?

Yes, my personal nomination for this year’s Most Ridiculous Statement by a Government Representative Award goes to (not surprisingly, I admit) Nancy Pelosi, with her insistence that “the cupboard is bare” and that there are “…no more cuts to make…” in our Federal expenditures.

Nancy Pelosi - 9393No more cuts, Nancy?


Out of an almost $3.5 TRILLION budget?

There’s nothing we could somehow do without, buried in there somewhere?

This inane proclamation gets to the heart of our current Government Shutdown. Pelosi, Obama and the Democrats want need every last shekel to fund their ever-expanding list of overpriced-crap-they-gotta-have-now-now-now. It’s POWER, you see, and it takes money to maintain/expand a State’s power.

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Want to know why Leftists like #Pelosi don’t respect the U.S. Constitution?

ANSWER: Because they don’t have the tiniest inkling what it even is.

Keep in mind, these are her PREPARED remarks. Pelosi didn’t fall prey to some impromptu civics inquisition as she walked down the street: she had to put pen to paper for this. Ahead of time.

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Pelosi knows the REAL reason why we’re focused on Obama’s numerous scandals…

You’ve felt this way before.

It rises from your gut when you make a cogent, incisive argument in opposition to an aspect of the President’s agenda (Obamacare, for instance), …but the person you are talking with blithely retorts, “Oh, you just can’t stand him ’cause you’re a racist”, or “Why do you hate poor people?”

This person has, out-of-the-blue, attributed the absolute worst motivations to your reasoning, and with no justification other than you disagreed with them.

You know that feeling, right?


It’s the half-shock/half-fury sensation, where you honestly can’t believe someone is that stupid, dishonest or closed-minded that they refuse to acknowledge even the logical basis of your argument. You’ve felt it.

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Queen Pelosi: “The Beatings will Continue until the Morale Improves…” ***

***(…or something to that effect


Last week I highlighted why the “Fiscal Cliff!” would now become part of our permanent landscape.


For anyone that (somehow) doubted my conclusions then, I give you a quote from “San Fran Nan”, courtesy of CBS’ Face the Nation:

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