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Mr. Virtual President, on Health Care

v-potus-headerGlad to see Bill Whittle’s alter-ego, Mr. Virtual President, has decided to wade back into the verbal fray this week.

Bill does his normal exemplary job in the clip below, pointing out some commonsense solutions to our current self-induced health care travails. And no, his solutions do NOT include adding a staggering, stumbling Federal Government bureaucracy as a go-between twixt us and our doctors.

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Mr. Virtual President: “Get the Government out of the Marriage business, completely…”

v-potus-headerA very short, and very wise, opinion on the entire DOMA decision from the one-and-only Bill Whittle, speaking as his alter-ego, Mr. Virtual President.

I’m completely in agreement with Bill here: this isn’t an argument for or against traditional marriage, or any other kind. It’s that Government has once again intruded into an area where it should have no opinion whatsoever. By allowing the Federal Government to redefine marriage to reflect what a certain segment of society WANTS it to be, we’ve taken another step down the path towards an all-powerful State, with that State able to re-define society according to its whims.

There’s only one winner when that happens: the State.

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“ENTITLEMENTS” – Another press conference with Mr. Virtual President

v-potus-header“Mr. Virtual President” has returned, and today he’s discussing one of the most troubling issues that we have: Entitlements

We’ve come a long way from our country’s beginnings in this area. Self-sufficiency was once a uniform point of pride for our citizenry, a virtue that didn’t begin to deteriorate until the advent of Social Security. And then the floodgates opened: Medicare and Medicaid; SSDI, Food Stamps, and widow’s benefits being paid out to unmarried mothers. Unemployment. And on, and on…

Though allegedly done out of compassion, the result was easily predicted: a nation in staggering debt. Worse, we now have individual and generational dependency upon the Government at an all-time high.

Hardly a “Great Society“.

A President who honestly believed in the capability and capacity of the American people, and had the strength of his own convictions, would take steps to correct this. And the very first step would be to honestly discuss it, as is seen below:

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“North Korea” – Mr. Virtual President at a Press Conference

“Peace through strength.”

Maybe no other phrase more embodies Ronald Reagan. That he believed so thoroughly in this concept was what made it so powerful. Far from being an out-of-control cowboy, Reagan was being utterly reasonable: make sure the world’s bullies understand that not only CAN you wipe them off the face of the Earth, but you have the conviction to do just that, IF they don’t behave accordingly.ronald-reagan

His clarity on this subject was echoed by the recently deceased Margaret Thatcher, who along with Reagan formed a solid wall of willpower which ultimately toppled the Soviet Union.

Oh, that we had such leadership today.

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“ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION” – Mr. Virtual President at a town hall meeting

v-potus-headerIn this chapter of “Mr. Virtual President”, Bill Whittle weighs in on another topic which is so deceptively portrayed by the Left: Illegal Immigration

This subject is consistently and deliberately referred to as simply “immigration” by its opponents, which blurs the rather salient difference between “immigration” and its illegal counterpart. Folks who are justifiably against the latter are instead accused of hating the former, and then labeled Xenophobes. It’s an old trick, but one which the Left uses in their arguments all the time (e.g. with stem cells vs. EMBRYONIC stem cells, etc.,..).

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(VIDEO) Mr. Virtual President, on Voter Fraud

v-potus-headerBill Whittle is back again, in his role as ‘Mr. Virtual President’.

His previous forays as the ‘MVP’ are here (“VIRTUAL Inaugural Address of 2013”),

and here (“2nd Amendment is there to protect the American people from US…”).

In this edition he addresses Voter Fraud, a subject that we’ve hit many times, as well. It’s a short clip (only 7 minutes), but as always, Whittle delivers the goods:

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(*Video*): “The SECOND AMENDMENT is there to protect the American people from US…”

This is the 2nd in a series of short video addresses from the man who never seems to sleep, Bill Whittle, as he steps back into his role of “Mr. Virtual President”.

SOTU - Mr Virtual President

The previous one mirrored January’s Inaugural Address, and the clip below is fashioned after the State Of The Union speech. But just like the 1st installment, it’s presented as if we had a President who cared more about truth, than politics or raw power.

The quickest seven minutes you’ll spend today:

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Bill Whittle’s VIRTUAL Inaugural Address of 2013 (*VIDEO*)

Bill Whittle - Virtual Inaugural

The inaugural address we all WISH we’d seen this year.

Quote from Bill’s new website:

“Virtual President” Bill Whittle outlines the three essential qualities needed for the Pursuit of Happiness in Modern America, and sets a challenge to free entire generations of Americans.

Twenty minutes long, but worth it …as always:

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