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And Did You Hear the One About…?

…the Seattle man who allegedly punched a ten-year-old for being too noisy in the movie theater?   I have to admit, I’ve been sorely tempted to tell off giggling, talking, texting, romping young people in the theater…but surely there are other ways to redress such a relatively trivial grievance?

For instance:  After making one civil request of the offending party, if they do not comply, what about informing theater personnel?  Or simply moving to other seats?

I realize that these things are inconvenient (hmm, there’s that word again), but the fracas that resulted in Yong Hyun Kim spending a night in jail was a bit more costly than the price of his movie ticket, even if you add a tub of buttered popcorn and a large soda.

Mr. Kim and the nurse from JTR’s post yesterday have something in common, it seems:  their inability to apply the Golden Rule.  Remember this one, boys and girls?

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