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#WWIIMemorial UPDATE: Barricades have now been wired shut…?

Completely unbelievable.

(***This is an update to “President Petulant hits a new low: the WWII Memorial Fiasco…“, from a couple days back…)

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President Petulant hits a new low: the WWII Memorial Fiasco…

We’ve all seen it before: Obama & Co warns that your failure to fully fund the Government will result in plagues and pestilence and then, when you have failed to heed his dire warnings, he tries to ensure you feel the pain as personally as is possible.

Yes, despite his Chicken Little act, nothing bad actually happens, other than what he choreographs for maximum effect.

Sequester - Obama

Case in point: do you recall all the ‘Mad Max’-type horrors across the country, which came about as a direct result of the Sequester?


My point exactly…

But that was a mere warm-up of sorts, an apéritif for the larger meal that is the Great And Terrible Government Shutdown of 2013.

This has been going on for the last 24 hours, with WWII vets initially denied access to their own Memorial:

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