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Obama, on his proposed Minimum Wage Law: “You’re welcome…”

A follow-up to our discussion on this from the other day

Minimum Wage - youre welcome

(courtesy of the always fantastic Lisa Benson)

And I would add only one explicit corollary to this:

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Obama on #Obamacare: you’ll LOVE it!!!

From Steve Kelley:

Obamacare - It's really good

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#Obamacare is making us a “part-time” nation

Did you hear about the new Obamacare Video contest being sponsored by the HHS? It’s the Federal Government’s newest plan to reach “…younger Americans who are skeptical of the need for health coverage…“.

If I had a vote, I’d declare Lisa Benson at Townhall.com the winner right now:

Obamacare - Part time workers 3

And if you had ANY doubts, Ms. Benson is right on the money here:

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It seems to work for the Vatican…

Courtesy of Lisa Benson.

white smoke vs black smoke