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Did we REALLY learn everything we need to know in Kindergarten? If so, that explains why everything is so screwed up…

Saw the following article over at PJ Media, and it almost seemed like a follow-up to my post yesterday

Please, feel free to comment if (& where) you disagree with him. Because personally, I think he nails it beginning to end. 



Midnight in the KinderGarden of Eden


Not all that long ago, a not wholly inarticulate gentleman wrote a book in which he declared that All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten.  Mind you, this was not a tongue-in-cheek expose on the shallowness of thought in the modern liberal era; it was a proud declaration of the fact that the author knew that had he been morally and intellectually retarded at the age of five, he’d be exactly as smart and “accomplished” as he is today.

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