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OUT: “Obama’s Poll Numbers are great!” – IN: “Ummm, let’s not discuss his Poll Numbers, okay?”

Remember those glorious, halcyon days when Barack first ruled the land? Back when his fans were (literally) fainting at his speeches, and his trouser creases informed us how magnificent he’d be?

When the seas began to recede, and we were the ones we were waiting for? When everyone looked forward to waking up to find free gas in their car and a unicorn in every pot, all courtesy of the Obamessiah?

During all that time, the President’s Poll Numbers were regularly trotted-out to defend his policies. “Well“, the logic went, “he must be doing the will of the people. Just look at how POPULAR his POLL NUMBERS are…!

Ahhh, good times.

But now, the same folks who’ve so slavishly been reporting his popularity have radically changed course, and would like the media to put the kibosh on reporting poll results:

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