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White House’s “transparency” is anything BUT….

Obama -not Transparent

We’ve just been told for the eight-hundred-and-fifty-millionth time: this IS the most transparent White House in history. Of course, if you don’t believe that, well, …you obviously have some modicum of common sense.

You’d also have functional eyes.

But neither of these are hurdles to the Obama White House and its Praetorian Guard, who seem to believe that through sheer repetition they can invert reality itself:

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Jay Carney tries to spin Obama’s “Keep Your Doctor” promise…

Haven’t seen tap-dancing like this since Fred and Ginger:

Absolutely classic.

First of all, please note yet another attempt at indirectly blaming Republicans for this epic monstrosity, with Carney’s “…using a model from a Republican governor in Massachusetts…” line. For the eighty millionth time, just because something is popular in one state does NOT mean that it should be embraced by the entire nation through federal mandates.

Carney - Lying

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Jay Carney denies that #Obamacare is creating a Tsunami of Part-time jobs

***UPDATE as of 8-27-13:  …and the numbers keep getting worse, by the way (via Forbes.com).

Carney - Lying

You have to hand it to Jay Carney: most folks would choke on words like these:

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