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You’d think that the Anti-Gun crowd would PROUDLY display this sign: “This House is Gun Free”

A mea culpa: I completely missed this video when it originally came out, back when the New York state newspaper (the ‘Journal News’published the names and addresses of pistol permit-holders in Westchester and Rockland counties.

No matter. It’s just as pertinent today, illustrating perfectly the tremendous hypocrisy exhibited by Leftists/Statists when it comes to what THEY claim to “believe” in.

From Twitchy.com:

Posing as “Citizens Against Senseless Violence,” O’Keefe and company visited the homes of anti-gun journalists employed by The Journal News in New York and the Star-Ledger in New Jersey.

They also swung by Touré’s place and paid a visit to the ol’ Eric Holder homestead. Each household was asked to display a yard sign with the words “This Home is Proudly Gun Free.”


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Virginia is now the latest battleground in an ongoing fight over voter ID laws.

From Ace Of Spades HQ:

As Virginia legislators hotly debated a voter ID bill that narrowly passed the General Assembly, many were unaware of a state police investigation that, so far, has resulted in charges against 38 people statewide for voter fraud. Warrants have been obtained for a 39th person who can’t be located.

Many opponents of the voter ID law maintained that there was no evidence of widespread election fraud in Virginia, and the law would suppress the vote of minorities and others who don’t have adequate identification. About 3.7 million Virginians voted in the 2008 election.

A total of 194 cases statewide where police determined a violation likely occurred have been closed because the commonwealth’s attorneys in those localities declined to prosecute those individuals, police said.

The results of the state police investigation appears to contradict, to some degree, claims made by some opponents of the voter ID bill that no evidence existed of widespread voter fraud in Virginia.

No brainer, right? Pass a law which would require a voter to show ID, prior to being given a ballot. Valid ID would include a government ID, a passport or a driver’s license. This is NOT hard. Seeing as we need such ID to perform numerous mundane tasks throughout our lives, and voting is one of our most sacred rights, this would appear to make perfect sense. Of course, some folks would disagree. Those people would be Democrats.

Why? Well, listen to them:

Republicans, ……..literally want to “drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws .Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, D-Fla, chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Not to be outdone, from the Rachel Maddow Show:

“Voter ID Laws (are) a Racist GOP Conspiracy

And no list of leftists would be complete without the AFL-CIO:

“America is about inclusion, not exclusion. And we gotta make sure more people  vote and have the opportunity to vote. We don’t need to be erecting barriers to  our seniors and in Pennsylvania it would disenfranchise a disproportionate  number of seniors”.

Disenfranchisement? Let’s consider just a few of the places I currently need to show ID: whenever I cash a check, buy a gun, purchase groceries (if I use a credit card), pick up mail from FedEx or UPS, apply for a Library card, enter a club or bar, visit a corporate office, apply for most jobs, rent a car or hotel room, get on a plane, redeem a lottery ticket, or buy alcohol.

And there’s plenty more.

This is how we elect our public officials! Shouldn’t that right be guarded at least as well as my ability to buy a liter of Jim Beam?


You’ve probably already heard about James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas, who recently were offered voting ballots for Attorney General Eric Holder, alleged comedian Bill Maher and Media Matters founder David Brock.

Armed with this proof of exactly how easy it is to get a ballot illegally, the government responded by investigating ……O’Keefe.

Of course.


Due to the importance of this topic, I’d love to think that it will lead the news tonight. Sadly, I’m guessing that there will be more important things covered instead.