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The Idiocy of Tax “Fairness” (w/ video)

It appears that President Obama is committed to taking our country over the Fiscal Cliff. We’ve covered what the fiscal cliff IS already, so I won’t rehash it here. Instead I wish to simply review, again, the inherent problems with the President’s proposal.

First of all, here’s what it looks like:


(CLICK image to enlarge)

Obama and the militant Left want to punish the wealthiest Americans by making them pay the ultimate nebulous amount: “their fair share”. However, such a combination of new taxes & add’l spending will result in that “fairness” costing our economy $1.61 TRILLION.

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Three choices for Julia

If you have somehow been able to avoid this whole “Julia” topic, allow me to spoil your ignorance.

Just this past week, President Obama rolled out an online campaign called “Julia“, which gave a cartoon portrayal of a Liberal’s vision for life for one imaginary woman.

The website and slide show are available HERE. You may want to drink something first. Personally, I felt a little ill seeing how this administration wanted women to live their life, being tethered to the Federal Government their entire existences.


There have been quite a few take-downs of this since it hit, with Twitter almost catching fire from the sarcastic, but very funny, critiques of such a life. One of my favorites thus far:


Heritage Foundation put out a complete mock version which has been received well. Although in my opinion, it’s not extremely entertaining.


Heritage’s version is HERE.


My suggestion?

Visit Iowahawk’s page, and check out his wonderfully acerbic take on this.

You’ll get the gist of the other takes, and you’ll definitely laugh more with Iowahawk’s satire than with the other two, combined.

On second thought, you might laugh AT President Obama’s original version, but really …it’s just kinda sad.