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From #Immigration to #Obamacare, this is all OUR fault…

Let’s admit it: this is all OUR fault.

It was WE who allowed Obama to be elected not once, but twice. It was WE who allowed the Senate to maintain a Liberal majority. And as a result, we’re witnessing our nation’s complete free-fall into Banana Republic territory.


What else can we call it?

From Obama’s newest business-killing “pivot” to Climate Change, to his inexplicable desire to conduct Peace Talks with terrorists, to his repeated attacks on 2nd Amendment rights, to the panoply of scandal which has rocked (yet mysteriously not toppled) his Administration, we’re now privy to a Federal Government which enables the most destructive dreams of the Left to become horrific, Constitution-inverting reality.

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“ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION” – Mr. Virtual President at a town hall meeting

v-potus-headerIn this chapter of “Mr. Virtual President”, Bill Whittle weighs in on another topic which is so deceptively portrayed by the Left: Illegal Immigration

This subject is consistently and deliberately referred to as simply “immigration” by its opponents, which blurs the rather salient difference between “immigration” and its illegal counterpart. Folks who are justifiably against the latter are instead accused of hating the former, and then labeled Xenophobes. It’s an old trick, but one which the Left uses in their arguments all the time (e.g. with stem cells vs. EMBRYONIC stem cells, etc.,..).

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The Panderer-in-Chief

Quick question: What do you do when Unemployment is still over 8%? Why, you stop deporting folks who are here illegally, so that they can legally compete for the ever-dwindling number of jobs available in the country. That way you can make a blatant appeal to a voting bloc that you need, ….even though you have to bypass Congress and that Constitution-thingamajig to do so.

President ‘Pander’ strikes again.

From today’s Associated Press:

President Barack Obama says his plan to stop deporting younger illegal  immigrants who came to the U.S. as children will make the system “more fair,  more efficient and more just.”

The president says it “makes no sense to expel talented young people” who are  essentially Americans. He says he was taking the action in the absence of action by Congress “to fix our broken system.”


A man in the Rose Garden asked Obama while he was speaking, “Why do you favor foreigners over American workers?” Obama responded that “this is the right thing to do.”

This announcement comes in the same week as the following Time cover story. I’m sure the President’s announcement today was just a coincidence, and not part of a larger, coordinated Narrative.

Yep; JUST a coincidence.