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You may be surprised to learn this INCREDIBLY FAMOUS GUY is a Christian AND a Capitalist…

From the:  “If you only read, listen to, or watch the MSM, then you probably missed this story” department.

THIS man is famous. WORLD famous. His birth name is Paul David Hewson.

You may well ask:  “Who the heck is Paul David Hewson”?  Well, perhaps you know him by his more recognized pseudonym:



Mr. Hewson (on the far right), pictured with three other dudes I don’t recognize….

Lead Singer for the über rock group, U2.


Seriously, it’s hard to imagine anyone who hasn’t heard of him. Even if you never followed the music, you should certainly remember his much heralded and well-reported missions to Africa.

What you MIGHT have missed were 2 recent stories about Bono:  The Christian, and its powerful sequel, Bono:  The Capitalist.

On June 25th, Bono was a guest on the “Focus on the Family” radio program.  The entire interview is definitely worth reading, but this one excerpt stood out to me (emphasis mine):

Jim Daly of FOTF: So often those that struggle with accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior — it’s the idea that He’s the Messiah. In fact, you were asked about that by a journalist. How did you respond to that?

????Bono: Jesus doesn’t let you off the hook. The Scriptures don’t let you off the hook so easily. So, Jesus died on a cross with “King of the Jews,” as the Messiah. In fact, if He’d just given that bit up, you know, [He] would not have had the crucifixion. And Pilate was saying it’s unnecessary. Everyone was, “this is kind of mad.” Because when people say, you know, “good teacher,” “prophet,” “really nice guy,” and this is not how Jesus thought of Himself.  

So, you’re left with a challenge in that, which is either: Jesus was who He said He was, or a complete and utter nut case. You have to make a choice on that.

And I believe that Jesus was the Son of God.


I’d actually heard about this a few weeks back while listening to our local K-LOVE affiliate. Then I turned on the local news, …then the “other” MSM stations, …Radio, …TV, …

***insert sound of crickets chirping here***

Hmmm, why wouldn’t they report such a thing?

Oh. Yeah:

I guess Bono just didn’t “come out” with the appropriate type of news that fit the predetermined, MSM narrative.


Then one morning, I woke up to the following clip on ‘Fox and Friends’. The actual speech is nearly an hour in length (you can see it all HERE), but this segment really struck me:

Isn’t this news? In our hyper media-ized world, everything a celebrity says, does, wears or buys at the store is news these days. And here we have Bono, …BONO!…, saying in effect that Aid is a stop-gap, only, and Capitalism takes far more people out of poverty than Aid does.

***crickets begin chirping again, louder this time***

No matter.

This message will still get out, whether or not the press ignores it. As a result, some folks will actually be inspired to examine these topics, perhaps for the first time. Minds which have heretofore been closed to the inherent truths of both Christianity and Capitalism will be opened.

And won’t that be A Beautiful Day?

“The Left vs. our Military Chaplains”: Political Correctness is the new god of the State

Chaplain army corps 5A while back, we covered a statement from the Pentagon which confirmed that soldiers could be prosecuted for promoting their faith. This seemed to endanger the role of chaplains in military service, since reaching out to soldiers from a religious perspective is part and parcel of their vocation and their training.

A quote from the military site, Stars and Stripes:

What it comes down to, officials said, is that discussing matters of faith and religious practice with a willing audience is allowed, but pushing religious beliefs on those who don’t want to hear it is a form of harassment forbidden under Defense Department policies.

While I strongly disagree that having a man of the cloth reach out to a non-believer equates to “pushing” one’s religious beliefs, if that’s how the military wants it, so be it.

But the following article takes that decision …and basically beats military chaplains over the head with it.

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Midweek Meditation: Aging Saints and Paradigm Shifts

lather-rinse-repeatSeveral years ago I heard a pastor use the quote, “Doing the same thing over and over again in the same way, and expecting different results, is the definition of insanity.” And although I’ve found tracking down its original author to be hopeless, I have found  plenty of appropriate times to apply the quotation.

However, upon reflection, I think ‘insanity‘ may be too strong a word.  Call it foolishness instead. For instance, I’ve pointed out to piano students that practicing the same  phrase over and over in the same way (i.e., without stopping to correct the mistake) and expecting to be able to play it correctly, is foolish.

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The Rule of Law vs. “Calvinball”

I’ve been swamped all week, so I’m re-posting an item from last summer, back before our readership really started to climb. And given much of the news we’ve been seeing lately, this post is even more applicable now than it was then

Please note its author is Dapper Dan, a buddy of ours who blogs over at Principles, Not Men. Any and all kudos should be directed to him. 

I’ll simply mention what I said six months ago: anytime you can combine Hayek, the Federalist Papers AND ‘Calvin & Hobbes‘ into a single, highly cogent post, you’re doing somethin’ right.

Happy Friday, gang.



Rule of Law

The term “Rule of Law” is an important term in political dialogue.  Accepting this belief or not will determine where you stand on many, if not most, of the issues.

In The Road to Serfdom, F.A. Hayek describes it thus:

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Touré thanks God …that “Abortion was there to save ME”??

We just covered the 2013 March For Life, and by all accounts it was a huge success. However, the battle for the soul of our nation will be continuing for some time.

As evidence of this, below is the eight-zillionth example of the incongruous mental gymnastics the Left has to perform in order to justify abortion to themselves. This ‘Ode to Abortion‘ comes via everyone’s favorite racist, Touré, and is from just this past weekend:


HOmer facepalm

Let’s recap the genius that is Touré, shall we?

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Six Visual Tools in the Battle for Life

We’ve  just passed the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that made abortion legal in this country. And what did the so-called pro-choice movement feel was an appropriate gesture on such a significant occasion? At drawtheline.org, which promotes legislation known as the the Bill of Reproductive Rights, they produced a little video in which a handsome man wishes “Happy Anniversary” to his ‘baby’…he has champagne and a red rose, he smiles seductively. Firelight and soft jazz complete the romantic picture.

Who’s he toasting? The right to an abortion. If that sounds sick, it is.
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Freedom FROM Religion

Over the years, it has become apparent (to me, at least ) that the mere existence of people practicing their religion really just ticks some Progressives off….

We first saw this reported over at That Mr. G Guy’s Blog, but there’s a write-up from the local news, too.

For more than a year, Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen in Columbia, Lancaster County has offered a Sunday special: Diners who bring in a current church bulletin receive 10 percent off the purchase of their dinners.

But, the promotion has rubbed some people the wrong way, including John Wolff of Manheim Twp., Lancaster County, an atheist and member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Wolff, who said he’s never been to Prudhomme’s, recently filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission claiming the 22-year-old restaurant should not give discounts based on religion. “I bear them no ill will but they shouldn’t be pushing religion,” Wolff, 80, said.

“Pushing religion”?

From any reasonable person’s viewpoint, this is ridiculous on its face. This small business is catering to a sector that frequents its establishment. It wants to attract customers, so it gives a percentage off its services to certain clientele to attract more business. How is this any different from the various vendors which give a discount to folks who have tickets to sports teams? We’ve all seen them: “Bring your game ticket in for a free cone/burger/tire rotation within 5 days after the game”. Or the business which gives a discount for members of a lodge, or a kid’s baseball league, etc.,.. . Aren’t these establishments “pushing” youth baseball, or lodge membership, or professional hockey? What if I don’t have a kid playing baseball, or even have a kid? Does that mean they are discriminating against me?

This lawsuit is both an attack on freedom itself, and just one more attempt by the oh-so-tolerant Left which wants to banish religion from the public square. In this case, it’s not even subtle: the group filing the lawsuit is called the Freedom From Religion Foundation, after all. Freedom FROM religion? I don’t particularly care for atheism: should I create a group called “Freedom FROM Atheists”? It would make just as much, or as little, sense.

As we have discussed numerous times, the free practice of religion is the bedrock for millions of American’s lives. God-fearing citizens are simply trying to go about their lives. Why is this so hard to understand? Is the guy with the “thank God I’m an atheist” t-shirt infringing on my rights as a believer?


Lunacy like this has to end, eventually. We have to get over ourselves, and stop resorting to lawsuits every time we feel slighted or see something with which we disagree. Isn’t that what freedom is about? You have an opinion, I have an opinion: may the best one win. Our country was formed on this idea: all of our founding documents held that we are an inherently free people, possessing unalienable rights, and this specifically included freedom OF religion. My right of free speech is not subservient to your right to not be offended by it.

My guess is this lawsuit won’t go anywhere, but its being filed at all is an indicator that our society is fighting a very real battle for our national soul. As much as the majority of “us religious-type” folks would prefer to simply be left alone, we each need to decide if this is where we say “no mas“. The fight is being brought to us; we need to respond in kind.

If we allow ourselves to continue to be bullied, pushed and prodded into a corner, eventually there will be no corner remaining into which we can be pushed.