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Weeding: Soil or Soul, it’s Needful

flowers in the snow

Is it Spring YET?

It’s gardening season at last!

I know, some of you have long ago tilled and mulched, your veggies are well up and your flowers are blooming to beat the band. But here in Indiana, Spring couldn’t make up its mind whether to arrive with all its baggage, or to stay in the Bahamas for another month. We had our last frost on May 14th, we’re getting some much-needed rain now…and it’s time to get going!

Who am I kidding? Between the granddaughter and the theater season, I couldn’t have begun even a day sooner than I did. As of Saturday, our front beds are weed-free and mulched at last; tomorrow morning I’m donning my armor and going to do battle with the evil giant thistles in the back gardens. Sometimes I feel like Hercules fighting the Hydra…the noxious things seem to grow back double for every one I kill.

Thinking about unwanted plants reminds me of a post on weeding that I wrote in June of 2009 (over at Winnowing)…here it is again, a cautionary tale on more than one level. Continue reading