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Two Powerful Little Words

atlantic shoreA new believer loves the Lord and sees how much her life has improved since she dedicated her life to Him. But still—there is the old tidal pull to addiction, and she is slipping further and further out to sea again. Is there a force great enough to tow her back to shore?

A Christian couple, with children, is separating–perhaps forever. No biblical grounds. The issues are complicated, but infidelity is not one of them. Can they find the selflessness and humility needed to move forward together?

A loved one is mentally ill, but it is not a disorder which visibly impairs his ability to function. Mostly it damages his relationships, including one with his own child. Will he ever see that he has a problem? Will he want to get help if he does admit the need?

roadblock signsThree real-life situations. Three seemingly-insurmountable obstacles. And yet hope is there, in the form of two little words: “But God…”

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An Advent Meditation for a Dark World

This piece is from a cycle of  readings entitled Advent Longings, which I wrote in 1997:

Isaiah the prophet sits in silence, watching the sunset of a nation… “O Lord, it darkens! Fast the night is falling in our hearts.” He weeps aloud for the glory of Israel, the glory faded now past all remembrance—except his, it seems.

“We’ve turned our backs upon the burning bush. The pillar of fire and cloud no longer guides us. We seek no more the all-consuming fire of Your holiness. You have spoken and we have stopped our ears against You. You have been the light that lightens all our lives, and we have cursed its brightness and embraced the night.

“O Lord, is there no end to all the works of darkness?

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