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Harry Reid’s #Koch-fueled Nightmares

No surprises here:

Harry Reid, Koch Addict -- Lisa Benson

Reid has been going after these two men for what seems like forever. Yet despite his obsession, over half the nation still has zero idea who they even are, and another 11% has no opinion about them. And according to that same poll, more Americans disapprove of Reid himself than of the Koch brothers. 

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Harry “The Weasel” Reid is shocked, shocked!, to learn of Gov’t Surveillance

CIA - Floor  logo

Gosh-a-mighty: Harry The Weasel is suddenly all miffed about the Federal Government’s penchant for snooping.

Huh; I wonder why?

(via ABC News) – “…In letters to the heads of the CIA and Justice Department, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the CIA’s decision to search the Senate intelligence committee’s network and computers without approval was “absolutely indefensible” and carried serious implications for the separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches.

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Harry Reid’s “Koch” habit is out-of-control…

harry Reid - jerk

Harry Reid is simply a contemptible human being.

I won’t belabor Reid’s initial quote about the Koch brothers, as it has already been oft-repeated by now. Let’s instead take a look at Reid himself.

The following exchange (below) on MSNBC was particularly intriguing, ’cause when even they admit a prominent progressive has crossed the line, that individual is pretty much sunk:

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Sniveling cretin Harry Reid to #Obamacare victims: You’re Lying…

Big Lie 5658

Ever hear someone say something so blatantly false that you’re practically stunned into silence (at least temporarily)? Ever hear a lie so bold, so insanely mendacious, that you can’t honestly believe you heard it accurately?

Ever hear a statement that is so categorically untrue, yet uttered with such apparent conviction, that you literally pinch yourself …a couple of times?

To borrow a phrase from Allahpundit: “Am I awake???”  =>

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Without Gov’t, who else would audit, spy on, target, fine, harass, intimidate and arrest us?

Harry Reid - 65647Remember this?

(Sen. Harry Reid, from the Senate Floor, April 23, 2013): “…Government is not inherently bad; government is inherently good. 

That’s why we have a Constitution and that’s what we direct the activities of this government based upon…”

When I called that the single most ridiculous statement of the year, I was probably soft-selling it. It may now be the most ridiculous statement of the decade.

Consider this newest example:

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BOOM!! Harry Reid goes Nuclear; blows up Senate #Filibuster rules

Nuclear-Boom 422

They did it:

Yes, we’re back to the Nuclear Option!, and no, we’re not discussing Iran (for once).

What is it? From Legal Insurrection:

“…The “nuclear option” refers to a move by the majority party in Senate — in this case the Democrats — to change the Senate rules to allow most executive branch and judicial nominations to be approved with a simple majority – 51 votes — rather than the 60 votes now required. Under the current rules, the minority party can block a nomination with just 41 votes, commonly called a filibuster…”

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An Obamacare/#Shutdown video metaphor??

question 444

You could consider the following video as a metaphor for all of the political preening and posturing currently taking place in Washington, DC. Actually, there are any number of ways to look at it:

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Most ridiculous statement of the year: “Government is Inherently GOOD…”

We constantly hear various arguments from the Left and scratch our heads, wondering how such lines of reasoning are even possible. Because whether we’re discussing deficits, birth control, guns, national security, health care or education, the Left’s answer always seems to be, “more government!“. 

more cowbell

“I got a fever, ….and the only prescription…., is MORE GOVERNMENT!!”

Such a myopic adherence to an obviously flawed institution would be puzzling, until you consider what their true belief system is. And make no mistake, that’s where this comes from: belief. Which means that far from being a statement of logic, it’s a statement of faith.

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