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(VIDEO) Newt Gingrich to Piers Morgan: “Isn’t your REAL view that you would ban pistols, if you could?”

Newt v. Piers

Another entry in the “discussion” on guns, with the Left’s mask publicly starting to slip. Regardless of which side you’re on, if you’re honest, both men showed the artifice of the Left’s argument. There is nothing in their proposed gun ban that, logically, can’t be extended to other guns.

Which, by the way, was my point from this post earlier.

Lefties want to ban ALL guns, & all this talk about “this” rifle or “that” magazine size is bull-puckies…

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You don’t have to be a ‘Gun Enthusiast’ to perceive the wisdom of the 2nd Amendment

FULL DISCLOSURE: I don’t regularly frequent gun shows. I’m not a gun “enthusiast”. I’m not even a hunter. The thought of going to the gun range doesn’t thrill me, either: I’d much prefer to watch a hockey game or read a book, quite honestly. 

Yet, I am a very strong, active and vocal supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights. Why? For the same reason I’m also a supporter of 1st Amendment rights, and 3rd, and…well, you get the idea.

We each have inalienable rights which are enshrined in our Constitution. These aren’t “Congressional Gifts”, or “Things which our betters have decided to lend to us until further notice”: they’re rights, and they’re ours.



As a result, I’ve become more defensive than ever of this particular Amendment in the face of a recent, full-out assault on it. There’s been a veritable cavalcade of Gun Control stories in the last few weeks, as the Left attempts to sway the public to their side.

Here’s just a few which we’ve seen this year:

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Piers Morgan runs into Ben Shapiro’s mental fist (VIDEO)

I try not to watch Morgan’s program; it’s simply too predictable. He will make a snotty assertion, and then go about bullying his guests to fit that assertion.

Now, do other interviewers do this? Sure. Are they as annoying as Piers manages to be? For the most part, …no.

Morgan is a jerk, not an idiot

For instance, when Martin Bashir or Andrea Mitchell do this, you are already aware of their abbreviated grasp on reality. It’s pretty hard to have your feelings hurt when you’re being insulted by a moron.

But Piers is not a moron. He’s a reasonably smart guy, which makes his behavior infinitely worse. An intelligent person who conducts his affairs in this way is contemptible on an entirely different level, as Ed points out very well at HotAir.

Anyway, the clip below runs approximately 14 minutes, but you’ll get a taste of how completely Ben Shapiro destroys Morgan after just the first five.

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