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Wishful thinking?

Or is this some form of self-hypnosis, like a kid trying to convince themselves there aren’t any real monsters residing under their bed?

Only one thing is for sure: the Good Guys are getting waaaay faster at ads like these.


Whatever the reason, they know the truth, and it doesn’t bode well for their boyfriend in November.

From Via Meadia blog:

The American left as we have come to know it suffered a devastating blow in Wisconsin last night. The organized heart of the left gave everything it had to the fight against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: heart, shoe leather, wallet and soul. The left picked this fight, on the issue and in the place of its choice; it chose to recall Walker because it believed it could win a showcase victory. That judgement was fatally flawed; it is part of a larger failure to grasp the nature of American politics and the times in which we live.

The left gave this fight everything it had. It called all the troops it could find; it raised all the money it could; it summoned the passion of its grassroots supporters, all the moral weight and momentum remaining to the American labor movement and every ounce of its strength and its will.

And it failed.


Voters in Wisconsin didn’t reject a role for the state in regulating the economy and easing the harshness of life in a market economy. But they turned decisively against the argument that well-paid armies of life-tenured bureaucrats can produce enough good government to justify the cost. And the lesson of the election isn’t that the right has too much money; the lesson is that while the left still has plenty of passion and fire, it has, thanks in part to the power of public sector unions, largely run out of compelling ideas.

So take a victory lap; enjoy a beer; ….and get back to work. The other side will soon be done licking their wounds, and will redouble their efforts. Which means they’re scared.

Let’s keep ’em that way.