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Can We Barter with God?

Most of us a familiar with the “five stages of grief,” as outlined by Elizabeth Kübler-Ross. One step is ‘bargaining’–an understandable though illogical attempt to control the situation by cutting a last-minute deal, usually with God.

Let's make a dealPeter Jones, over at Kuyperian Commentary, explores the way our prayer and other devotional acts at all times, not just at a time of grief, are intertwined with God’s blessings. Is there actually a cause and effect? If so, can we manipulate God by our actions? Continue reading

“God’s Will Be Done” doesn’t mean WE should do NOTHING

It’s no secret I’m Catholic, & stridently Conservative to the core. My wife is closer to my sister, though: Conservative in nature, and Christian, but not overtly political. Being married to me has done nothing to change that.

She reminded me a couple nights back that God is in charge and that His will has been done these past four years with the election of President Obama. This doesn’t mean she’s pleased by it, but rather that she finds comfort in the knowledge that God acts in ways incomprehensible to us. These past four years have somehow served God’s purpose in a way only He understands.

That does not, however, mean she will be sitting on the sidelines come Tuesday. She will be voting with basically two thoughts in mind:

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