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With Change like THIS, perhaps there IS Hope:

With Change like this, ...

(***courtesy of Gary Varvel)

There may still be hope for the upcoming generation… Below are two articles VERY much worth examining, each of which backs-up the sentiment so clearly expressed in the cartoon.

The first one’s by Michael Barone and is from several weeks back. However, it’s just as pertinent today as it was then, I promise:

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The Politics of #Obamacare: ’nuff said…

Courtesy of the always brilliant Gary Varvel:

Obamacare - defund it...


And for the latest news behind Gary’s cartoon, look no further than today’s post from Heritage.com. Here’s just an excerpt:

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Dear Conservatives: if you thought the #IRS was invasive, just wait for Obamacare

Funny and scary, at the same time…

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