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Hearing His Voice

Lucy van pelt

“Do you have a second? I’ve talked to several other friends, and a bunch of family members. Heck, I even talked to a stranger about it. No one was any help so far. 

So, I wanted to get YOUR opinion.”

These were the opening words from a friend of mine recently. He was visibly bothered by something, and I wanted to help him. Although…I admit that I chuckled more than just a little at also realizing I was, apparently, his absolute LAST RESORT.

(Before I continue, I should probably note here that my friend has just opened his heart to Jesus, and is still very young in the Faith.)

“What do YOU think about your choices?” I asked. And without going into the whole conversation, over the next 10 minutes I watched and listened as the voices of Reason, Conscience, Fear and Pride influenced my friend’s thoughts and words.

He concluded with, “See?  This is why I am SO confused!”

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On Faith and Friendship

This isn’t exactly a Lenten post, and we here at Two Heads have decided to keep the Midweek Meditation post as a regular Wednesday feature after Easter. Today I’d like to share a selection from a post by a friend of mine over at Letters From Heart’s Content on being transformed by the power of habit.

She begins with a quote that was unfamiliar to me, but I like it very much:

“I exhort you both so to esteem virtue (without which friendship cannot exist), that, excepting virtue, you will think nothing more excellent than friendship.” —Cicero, last sentence of “On Friendship”


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